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38da627a19-Jan-2021 claudio

Make struct imsgev static like in the other routing daemons. With this
dvmrpd should compile with -fno-common

e2c2429c19-Jan-2021 kettenis

Remove some unused #defines and remove some commented-out variables.

b2cc5ec619-Jan-2021 claudio

Kill dvrmpd_process and log_procnames. Unneeded abstraction for this
simple daemon.

79ba17ba19-Jan-2021 claudio

Cleanup control like in the other routing daemons. Move control_state
and ctl_conns to control.c cleanup headers and the engine accordingly.

13c15dda19-Jan-2021 claudio

Like dvrmpd there is no need for a static pkt buffer. Adjust code accordingly.

e8127df619-Jan-2021 claudio

Another pkt_ptr cleanup. There is actually no need to make the pkt
a static memory region. Just use the stack.

c12a113b19-Jan-2021 claudio

Like all other log.c just exit(1) in fatal()

ac61aa8a19-Jan-2021 claudio

Kill global eigrpd_process and instead pass the proc to merge_config()
and config_clear(). Also set log_procname directly and remove the
log_procnames array.

4aa216a119-Jan-2021 claudio

Use log_procname instead of log_procnames[eigrpd_process]. It should be
the same thing.

9cf002a519-Jan-2021 claudio

Same control cleanup that was done for ospfd and ripd. Move the
control_state and ctl_conns structs into control.c nothing else
uses these structs.

838745b619-Jan-2021 claudio

Like in ospfd use a static pkt_ptr buffer

e4d7b1da19-Jan-2021 claudio

Forgot one IBUF_READ_SIZE to READ_BUF_SIZE change.

d200470e19-Jan-2021 claudio

Do not use IBUF_READ_SIZE for the packet read buffer size. Instead
define READ_BUF_SIZE like the other daemons.

5434bd3819-Jan-2021 claudio

Make the struct imsgev structs static and with that ripd -fno-common clean.

7991149019-Jan-2021 claudio

Remove the PROC_* enums and ripd_process, they are no longer needed.
Instead assign the process name directly to log_procname which was
the last user of ripd_process.

ec786fee19-Jan-2021 claudio

Like in all other log.c file just use exit(1) in fatal() calls.
This log.c should be further synced with the other log.c files.

8654e9c519-Jan-2021 claudio

Move the interface demote out of if_del and into the only place where
it is needed (the if_del call in ripe.c). With this the ripd_process
check in ripe_demote_iface() can be removed.

5e3bdab219-Jan-2021 claudio

Like in ospfd make the pkt_ptr a local static buffer.

7b5b21db19-Jan-2021 claudio

Apply same cleanup to the control code as in ospfd.
Internalize control_state and ctl_conns.

ccbb71f519-Jan-2021 claudio

Make the struct imsgev static. With this ospf6d compiles with -fno-common

980c654e19-Jan-2021 claudio

Use ospfe_imsg_compose_rde() instead of exporting iev_rde and using
imsg_compose_event() directly. This is needed to make the imsg event
structures static in ospfe.c, rde.c and ospf6d.c.

77138d9f19-Jan-2021 claudio

Like in ospfd rename nconf to noeconf in the ospf engine to remove
a common symbol.

78c7f53f19-Jan-2021 claudio

Properly define ospfd_process as an extern in the header file.

ef2d0f9619-Jan-2021 claudio

Like in ospfd use a static pkt_ptr buffer.

bf1e060619-Jan-2021 claudio

Do the same control cleanup as in ospfd. Move control_state and ctl_conns
into control.c nothing outside needs access to this.