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1WMRecord - A Dockable General Purpose Recording Utility for Linux
4WMRecord is a general purpose audio recording utility for Linux systems
5running X11, currently using the Open Sound System (OSS) to access the
6audio subsystem. The interface is designed to work in conjunction with
7WindowMaker's Dock or AfterStep's Wharf, two popular window managers
8for the X Window System. An alternative interface incorporating a more
9general purpose GUI toolkit is planned but not imminent.
11Manual pages are located in the "man" subdirectory of this
12distribution, and contain instructions on the usage of WMRecord. The
13compressed file is a preformatted version of the manual.
15To build the package, just type "make". If this succeeds, then as root
16type "make install" to install the application. By default, wmrecord is
17installed in "/usr/local/bin", and the manual page in
18"/usr/local/man/man1". If you wish to change this, then please edit
19the Makefile.
21WMRecord should compile out of the box on all Linux systems without
22difficulty. I apologize in advance for the lack of automagic
23configuration, but the Makefile is simple and shouldn't require any
24real hacking.
26Please send me any bug reports, fixes and patches -- I am keen
27initially to expand the portability of the software so that it is not
28restricted to a single hardware platform. As the application evolves,
29I may branch the development tree to create a more feature complete
30application or perhaps another specialized dockapp. In particular, I
31am considering a multi-platform, TCP/IP based audio conferencing tool
32with a similar interface but with hooks for address-books and
33conference lists, etc.
35Any suggestions for improvements and alterations are most welcome.
36WMRecord is Copyright (c) 1999 Malcolm Cowe and is distributed under the
37terms of the GNU General Public Licence. Please read the file
38COPYING for details.
41Malcolm Cowe <malk@bruhaha.demon.co.uk>
424th October 1999