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ABOUT-NLSH A D27-Aug-200767.1 KiB997950

AUTHORSH A D27-Aug-2007168 53

BUGSH A D27-Aug-2007811 2718

COPYINGH A D01-Jul-200734.3 KiB675553

ChangeLogH A D27-Aug-200736.6 KiB1,028704

INSTALLH A D27-Aug-20079.3 KiB237179

Makefile.amH A D27-Aug-2007447 1712

Makefile.inH A D16-Aug-201923.5 KiB730646

NEWSH A D27-Aug-200728 21

READMEH A D27-Aug-2007574 1510

TODOH A D27-Aug-2007357 108

aclocal.m4H A D27-Aug-200744.2 KiB1,2231,105

callbacks.cH A D27-Aug-200714.3 KiB499346

config.cH A D27-Aug-200714.2 KiB455354

config.guessH A D27-Aug-200742.4 KiB1,4641,253

config.h.inH A D27-Aug-20073.2 KiB12987

config.rpathH A D27-Aug-200714.5 KiB572480

config.subH A D27-Aug-200731 KiB1,5801,438

configureH A D27-Aug-2007266.1 KiB8,8477,461

configure.inH A D27-Aug-20072.8 KiB9378

depcompH A D27-Aug-200715.6 KiB531330

gettext.hH A D27-Aug-20073.4 KiB8029

install-shH A D27-Aug-20079 KiB324189

missingH A D27-Aug-200710.8 KiB361268

mkinstalldirsH A D27-Aug-20073.4 KiB159109

playlist.cH A D27-Aug-200722.7 KiB891628

util.cH A D27-Aug-20071.6 KiB7638

xhippo.cH A D27-Aug-200724.9 KiB746569

xhippo.configH A D27-Aug-20075.3 KiB159126

xhippo.config.sampleH A D27-Aug-20075.3 KiB159126

xhippo.hH A D27-Aug-200710.6 KiB327253


1Welcome to GNU xhippo, a generic front-end for sound players.
3The xhippo manual can be found in the doc/ subdirectory. By default it
4is provided into Texinfo format; to generate other formats, you can use
5commands such as `make ps' or `make pdf'.
7xhippo 3 is firmly in maintainance mode; I will continue to fix bugs if
8anyone finds any, but new users are strongly advised to try out the
9rewritten "Potamus" branch which will eventually become xhippo 4:
10  http://offog.org/code/potamus.html
12Please report xhippo bugs to bug-xhippo@gnu.org.
14- Adam Sampson <ats@offog.org>