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.dependH A D17-May-2014777 1514

COPYINGH A D17-May-201434.2 KiB677553

INSTALLH A D17-May-20148.8 KiB213166

Makefile.inH A D16-Aug-20194.2 KiB11891

NEWSH A D25-Oct-201479 42

READMEH A D17-May-20142 KiB4436

README.win32-libdskH A D17-May-2014408 107

config.guessH A D17-May-201444.2 KiB1,5591,352

config.h.inH A D17-May-2014907 5744

config.subH A D17-May-201434.7 KiB1,7801,637

configureH A D16-Aug-2019161.3 KiB5,7684,783

configure.inH A D25-Oct-20143.5 KiB129112

cpm.5H A D25-Oct-20149.7 KiB301279

cpm.5.inH A D17-May-20149.7 KiB301279

cpm.psH A D17-May-201420.5 KiB

cpmchattr.1H A D25-Oct-20142.6 KiB9381

cpmchattr.1.inH A D17-May-20142.6 KiB9381

cpmchattr.cH A D17-May-20142.7 KiB120100

cpmchmod.1H A D25-Oct-20141.9 KiB6453

cpmchmod.1.inH A D17-May-20141.9 KiB6453

cpmchmod.cH A D17-May-20141.8 KiB9071

cpmcp.1H A D25-Oct-20142.8 KiB9988

cpmcp.1.inH A D17-May-20142.7 KiB9988

cpmcp.cH A D17-May-20148.2 KiB300239

cpmdir.hH A D17-May-2014562 2218

cpmfs.cH A D05-Aug-201453.3 KiB1,9171,613

cpmfs.hH A D17-May-20145.2 KiB207177

cpmls.1H A D25-Oct-20142.2 KiB7665

cpmls.1.inH A D17-May-20142.2 KiB7665

cpmls.cH A D17-May-201412.1 KiB401351

cpmrm.1H A D25-Oct-20141.8 KiB6049

cpmrm.1.inH A D17-May-20141.8 KiB6049

cpmrm.cH A D17-May-20141.6 KiB7860

device.hH A D17-May-20141 KiB3730

device_libdsk.cH A D17-May-20143.6 KiB136107

device_posix.cH A D17-May-20142.3 KiB8365

device_win32.cH A D17-May-201420.2 KiB671527

diskdefsH A D17-May-201424.9 KiB1,3971,281

fsck.cpm.1H A D25-Oct-20143 KiB8169

fsck.cpm.1.inH A D17-May-20143 KiB8169

fsck.cpm.cH A D17-May-201419.1 KiB633543

fsed.cpm.1H A D25-Oct-20142 KiB6352

fsed.cpm.1.inH A D17-May-20142 KiB6352

fsed.cpm.cH A D17-May-201421.6 KiB749663

getopt.cH A D17-May-201431.4 KiB1,196809

getopt1.cH A D17-May-20143.9 KiB172121

getopt_.hH A D17-May-20147.9 KiB22783

getopt_int.hH A D17-May-20144.7 KiB13242

install-shH A D17-May-201413.7 KiB528351

makefile.ntH A D17-May-20142.8 KiB9061

mkfs.cpm.1H A D25-Oct-20142.1 KiB7160

mkfs.cpm.1.inH A D17-May-20142.1 KiB7160

mkfs.cpm.cH A D17-May-20145.7 KiB235193


1This package allows to access CP/M file systems similar to the well-known
2mtools package, which accesses MSDOS file systems.  I use it for file
3exchange with a Z80-PC simulator, but it works on floppy devices as well.
4Currently it contains:
6o  cpmls - list sorted directory with output similar to ls, DIR, P2DOS
7   DIR and CP/M3 DIR[FULL]
8o  cpmcp - copy files from and to CP/M file systems
9o  cpmrm - erase files from CP/M file systems
10o  cpmchmod - change file permissions
11o  cpmchattr - change file attributes
12o  mkfs.cpm - make a CP/M file system
13o  fsck.cpm - check and repair a CP/M file system (only simple errors
14   can be repaired so far).  Some images of broken file systems are provided
15   for testing.
16o  fsed.cpm - view CP/M file system
17o  manual pages for everything including the CP/M file system format
19All CP/M file system features are supported.  Password protection
20is ignored, because passwords are easy to decrypt, but a pseudo file
21[passwd] contains them, if you are curious what your old password has
22been.  The disk label is read as special file [label].  User numbers
23are specified as user:file.
25Cpmtools should compile and work out of the box on each POSIX compliant
26system.  It can be additionally compiled for Win32 systems.  The source
27is available as a GNU zipped tape archive from:
29  http://www.moria.de/~michael/cpmtools/
31This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
32under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
33Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your
34option) any later version.
36This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
37WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
38or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License
39for more details.
41You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
42with this program.  If not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
4359 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.


1  Under Windows 95/98, if a program name has more than one dot, you have to
2add the ".exe" extension to the command. So you should use "fsck.cpm.exe"
3rather than just "fsck.cpm".
5  If you have appropriate rights, the CPMTOOLS should be able to access
6the floppy drive by using "A:" or "B:" as the name of the disc image.
7"mkfs.cpm" and "fsed.cpm" don't have this capability.
9John Elliott, 18 June 2000