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.extract_done.kye._usr_localH A D16-Aug-20190

.patch_done.kye._usr_localH A D16-Aug-20190

2 strange.kyeH A D07-Feb-19941.4 KiB4847

2 strange.txtH A D07-Feb-1994841 1714

2Fun4Me.kyeH A D28-Mar-20014.8 KiB162162

7Tasks.kyeH A D11-Nov-19994.7 KiB163162

9.kyeH A D06-Sep-19996.1 KiB209208

Action2.kyeH A D19-Feb-200214.3 KiB484484

Alphabatch.kyeH A D28-Jan-19984.1 KiB140139

AntKye2.kyeH A D21-Aug-20008.2 KiB277277

Beginner.kyeH A D06-May-20017.5 KiB255254

Brink.kyeH A D02-Jul-20113.4 KiB118116

Danish.kyeH A D26-Jul-20017.5 KiB255254

Default.kyeH A D02-Jul-201110.2 KiB350346

Default1.kyeH A D02-Jul-20116.9 KiB235231

Easy.kyeH A D08-Dec-20049 KiB306304

Gary.kyeH A D08-Dec-200410.1 KiB318301

Hweyards.kyeH A D09-Sep-19994.7 KiB163162

InARush.kyeH A D12-Oct-20044.1 KiB140139

Newkye.kyeH A D06-Jun-199612.8 KiB438438

Newkye_french_engl.rtfH A D30-Aug-200311.2 KiB115115

RComb.kyeH A D06-May-200110.3 KiB347346

Ricardo.kyeH A D22-Apr-20017 KiB255232

Sampler.kyeH A D21-Nov-200016.4 KiB554553

TPsKye.txtH A D05-May-20032.1 KiB282242

Training.kyeH A D31-May-20037.4 KiB255254

Training.txtH A D31-May-20034.2 KiB10563

Yellow.kyeH A D02-Jul-20112.7 KiB9493

aba-easy.kyeH A D02-Jul-20116.9 KiB232231

aba-tuff.kyeH A D02-Jul-20116.8 KiB232231

afebrile.kyeH A D18-Jan-2004692 2524

afebrile2.kyeH A D06-Jul-2004691 2524

afebrile3.kyeH A D06-Jul-2004689 2524

alanskye.kyeH A D06-Aug-20008.8 KiB302300

amazin.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011712 2524

andrew.kyeH A D02-Jul-20114.7 KiB163163

angie.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011706 2524

anoder.kyeH A D26-Feb-19982 KiB7070

ash.txtH A D02-Jul-20112.5 KiB10178

ashfast.kyeH A D02-Jul-20112.7 KiB9493

ashmazes.kyeH A D02-Jul-20112.8 KiB9493

ashshows.kyeH A D02-Jul-20113.4 KiB117116

ashslide.kyeH A D02-Jul-20113.6 KiB116116

axbey.kyeH A D02-Jul-20115.6 KiB186185

ben.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011663 2524

blaster.kyeH A D21-Feb-19982 KiB7170

border.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011688 2524

bull1.kyeH A D02-Jul-20118.3 KiB277277

bull2.kyeH A D02-Jul-20112.7 KiB9493

butter.kyeH A D02-Jul-201115.9 KiB555554

cascade.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011672 2524

charles1.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011712 2524

chas.kyeH A D02-Jul-20114.1 KiB140140

chris.kyeH A D02-Jul-20112.1 KiB7170

chris2.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011695 2625

chris3.kyeH A D02-Jul-20114 KiB141140

ckp001.kyeH A D02-Jul-20114 KiB140139

cop.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011703 2524

credits.txtH A D02-Jul-20113.6 KiB10290

crowds.kyeH A D03-Jun-20064.8 KiB163162

crux4.kyeH A D08-Nov-1999690 2524

custom.kyeH A D02-Jul-20112.6 KiB9393

danish1.kyeH A D02-Jul-20119.6 KiB324323

danish2.kyeH A D02-Jul-20119.6 KiB324323

danish3.kyeH A D02-Jul-20118.3 KiB279277

davidh.kyeH A D02-Jul-20113.4 KiB117117

default.kyeH A D02-Jul-201110.2 KiB350346

die.kyeH A D02-Jul-20115.5 KiB186185

dkf.kyeH A D02-Jul-20114.8 KiB163162

dkf4.kyeH A D02-Jul-201110.2 KiB348346

dkf6.kyeH A D02-Jul-20115.5 KiB187185

doors.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011685 2524

earlh.kyeH A D02-Jul-201121.1 KiB716714

erin.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011713 2524

factor.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011679 2524

fifi.kyeH A D02-Jul-20117.6 KiB256254

fissio.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011713 2524

garry.kyeH A D02-Jul-20113.3 KiB117116

ggrigs.kyeH A D02-Jul-20113.4 KiB117116

glenset2.kyeH A D02-Jul-20114.1 KiB140139

gnats.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011687 2524

gsmick.kyeH A D05-Feb-20036.8 KiB232231

h1.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011724 2524

happy.KYEH A D21-Jul-19992 KiB7170

hard.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011661 2523

hercules.kyeH A D02-Jul-20118.2 KiB279278

home.kyeH A D22-Jul-19993.4 KiB117116

hordes.kyeH A D03-Jun-20064.1 KiB140140

icd.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011700 2524

jasper.kyeH A D02-Jul-20117.5 KiB255255

jdh.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011707 2525

jenny.kyeH A D02-Jul-20112.6 KiB9493

jeremy.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011696 2524

jg.kyeH A D12-Feb-20005.4 KiB186185

jmarston.kyeH A D02-Jul-20113.4 KiB117116

jungle.kyeH A D27-Feb-20056.8 KiB232232

kids.kyeH A D02-Jul-201110.9 KiB370369

lizzy.kyeH A D02-Jul-20112.6 KiB9493

lucy.kyeH A D02-Jul-20114 KiB140139

maze.kyeH A D27-Feb-20056.8 KiB232231

monsters.kyeH A D02-Jul-20114.1 KiB140139

mykyes.kyeH A D02-Jul-20112 KiB7170

mystical.kyeH A D09-Apr-20062.8 KiB9493

nasty.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011681 2524

nathan.kyeH A D02-Jul-20112.1 KiB7170

neil-kye.kyeH A D02-Jul-20116.8 KiB232231

nelsons.kyeH A D03-Dec-200218.3 KiB623622

peteskye.kyeH A D02-Jul-20112.7 KiB9493

phil.kyeH A D02-Jul-20112 KiB7271

philsel1.kyeH A D21-Dec-200017.5 KiB600599

pinkye.kyeH A D02-Jul-20113.3 KiB118116

plus2.kyeH A D02-Jul-201111.2 KiB371369

plus2.txtH A D02-Jul-2011911 2925

pong.kyeH A D29-Oct-1999676 2524

positive.kyeH A D02-Jul-20114.8 KiB164162

problem.kyeH A D27-Feb-200513.6 KiB463461

r_lee.kyeH A D02-Jul-20113.3 KiB118116

raphael.kyeH A D02-Jul-20116.6 KiB224223

ray.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011690 2524

readme.txtH A D02-Jul-2011790 3019

ruth.kyeH A D02-Jul-20111.3 KiB4847

rw1.kyeH A D02-Jul-20114.8 KiB163163

scot.kyeH A D02-Jul-20116.9 KiB233231

sean.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011684 2523

shapes.kyeH A D02-Jul-20115.4 KiB187185

speedo.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011688 2524

sticky.kyeH A D02-Jul-20116.1 KiB210208

stusoft.kyeH A D02-Jul-20116.8 KiB232231

system.kyeH A D14-Apr-20064.1 KiB140139

tail.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011678 2524

tim1.kyeH A D02-Jul-20113.4 KiB117116

travis.kyeH A D02-Jul-20114.1 KiB140139

vex.kyeH A D09-Oct-20118.1 KiB278277

vex.txtH A D09-Oct-20112 KiB3121

vlcano.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011691 2524

vvv1.kyeH A D26-Nov-20116.8 KiB232231

vvv2.kyeH A D25-Dec-20117 KiB232231

vvv3.kyeH A D25-Dec-20117 KiB232231

warrior.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011669 2524

wave.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011672 2524

whis.kyeH A D02-Jul-20115.4 KiB186185

wizard.kyeH A D02-Jul-2011688 2524


1Kye version 2.0    -    Save the Children
2===============         =================
3Copyright (c) 1992 Colin Garbutt.
6  October 1992: Decided to waive the �7.50's and let Save the Children
7                keep all of the registration fees (backdated).
10Whats new in version 2.0.
12  - now supports the charity Save the Children
13    - so dig deep.
14    - see on-line help for more details.
15  - on-screen editor
16  - new levels 10->15
17  - black holes, one way doors, time bombs
18  - much better mouse control
19  - loads of new level files available.
20  - credit card registration.
23Good luck - have fun - AND do some good.
26**NOTE**  BORDER.KYE is just the border design for the sign-on screen,
27please don't lose any sleep trying to complete it!